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Product Type
Adjustable Wrench
Anchor Point
Attachment Points
Ball Pein Hammer
Box Wrench
Brass Hammer
Cannon Plug Pliers
Cold Chisel
Combination Wrench
Cutting Pliers
D-ring Attachment
Dead Blow Hammer
Drive Pin Punch
Flare Nut Wrench
Goove Joint Pliers
Hand Socket
Hard Hat Lanyard
Heat Shrink Loop
Hex Bit Socket
Needle Nose Pliers
Phillips Screwdriver
Pipe Wrench
Pry Bar
Ratcheting Box Wrench
Ratcheting Torque Wrench
Retractable Knife
Safety Heat Shrink
Safety Wire Twister Pliers
Slip Joint Pliers
Slotted Cabinet Screwdriver
Slotted Keytone Screwdriver
Socket Tool Accessory
Striking Wrench
T-Handle Hex Key
Tool & Collar Loop
Tool Connector
Tool Drop Bucket
Tool Drop Heat Shrink
Tool Drop Holster
Tool Drop Lanyard
Tool Drop Quick Wrap Tape
Tool Drop Small Part Pouch
Tool Drop Tool Cinch
Tool Drop Toolbelt
Tool Drop Wristband
Tool Lanyard
Tool Safety System
Tool Safety Wrist strap
Tool Set
Wire Stripper
Wrecking Bar
Product Brand
3M Fall Protection
Product Type
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 Adjustable Wrench(5)
 Anchor Point(1)
 Attachment Points(24)
 Ball Pein Hammer(3)
 Box Wrench(18)
 Brass Hammer(2)
 Cannon Plug Pliers(1)
 Cold Chisel(4)
 Combination Wrench(71)
 Cutting Pliers(3)
 D-ring Attachment(1)
 Dead Blow Hammer(4)
 Drive Pin Punch(7)
 Flare Nut Wrench(9)
 Goove Joint Pliers(5)
 Hand Socket(109)
 Hard Hat Lanyard(2)
 Heat Shrink Loop(6)
 Hex Bit Socket(20)
 Needle Nose Pliers(3)
 Phillips Screwdriver(6)
 Pipe Wrench(4)
 Pry Bar(8)
 Ratcheting Box Wrench(22)
 Ratcheting Torque Wrench(4)
 Retractable Knife(1)
 Safety Heat Shrink(1)
 Safety Wire Twister Pliers(1)
 Slip Joint Pliers(6)
 Slotted Cabinet Screwdriver(1)
 Slotted Keytone Screwdriver(5)
 Socket Tool Accessory(6)
 Striking Wrench(33)
 T-Handle Hex Key(17)
 Tool & Collar Loop(14)
 Tool Connector(4)
 Tool Drop Bucket(8)
 Tool Drop Heat Shrink(5)
 Tool Drop Holster(23)
 Tool Drop Lanyard(19)
 Tool Drop Quick Wrap Tape(13)
 Tool Drop Small Part Pouch(11)
 Tool Drop Tool Cinch(3)
 Tool Drop Toolbelt(9)
 Tool Drop Wristband(18)
 Tool Lanyard(13)
 Tool Safety System(4)
 Tool Safety Wrist strap(1)
 Tool Set(28)
 Wire Stripper(1)
 Wrecking Bar(1)
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Product Brand
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 3M Fall Protection(140)
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Tool Drop Protection

3M recommeds that all objects, whether they are people or tools, should be protected from falls. Dropped tools are one of the leading causes for workplace injuries and fatalities every year. To help solve this issue, 3M has established 4 categories to address specific solutions.

Be sure to save, print or share Tanner's Line Card PDF for a quick reference to our always expanding product offerings.

Tool Tethers

Lanyards or materials designed to connect tools to approved anchor points.

Tool Attachments

Attachment points designed to be field installed onto tools or equipment to provide appropriate connection points for tethering.

Anchor Attachments

Attachment points designed to be field installed on structures, equipment or workers, to provide appropriate connection points for tethering.

Containers & Bags

Devices designed to carry or transport tools and equipment to and from heights.