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Anchorage Devices

Choosing the Correct Anchor

Anchorage connectors, as defined by OSHA, are secure fall protection anchor points of attachment for lifelines, lanyards or deceleration devices and are designed to hold fast under the forces generated during a fall. Anchorage connectors vary by industry, job, type of installation and structure.

An anchorage connector may be a beam anchor, hook, tie-off adaptor, D- ring plate, tripod, davit or other secure device that serves as a point of attachment.

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Structure & Attachment Type

  • Anchors are sold by what they connect to and the structure will often require a specific type of attachment means
  • All-purpose wrap-around choker style anchorage connectors are the most versatile and will connect to various structure shapes and sizes
  • Anchors are offered for steel, concrete, roofs and even specialty styles for poles, leading edges and more

Portable or Permanent Installation

  • Anchors can be permanently installed for areas accessed often, or portable for temporary anchor points
  • Permanently installed anchors are typically constructed from durable, heavy-duty and corrosion resistant materials for extended periods of use and longevity

Fixed or Mobile Style

  • Fixed anchor point are typically the easiest to use and find – they remain in one place and limit your work space
  • Mobile anchors move with you expanding your work area for maximum freedom of movement
  • You will also need to consider the connecting subsystem attached (ex. lanyard, self-retracting lifeline)

Durability, Usability & Strength

  • All components must be made from quality materials strong enough to endure rough handling and exposure to the elements
  • Should be easy to use so they are used consistently and correctly
  • Your anchor and connecting components must be rated for your application such as fall arrest, rescue, work positioning or material handling
  • Choose one that maximizes strength, minimizes weight and offers maximum usability