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Tether - Bungee
Tether - Coil
Tether - Hard Hat
Tool Drop Lanyard
Tool Lanyard
ANSI / ISEA 121-2018
Weight Capacity
15 lb.
2 lb.
35 lb.
4 lb.
5 lb.
Product Brand
3M Fall Protection
Product Type
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 Tether - Bungee(3)
 Tether - Coil(6)
 Tether - Hard Hat(2)
 Tool Drop Lanyard(12)
 Tool Lanyard(2)
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 ANSI / ISEA 121-2018(7)
Weight Capacity
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 15 lb.(2)
 2 lb.(2)
 35 lb.(1)
 4 lb.(2)
 5 lb.(4)
Product Brand
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 3M Fall Protection(22)
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Tool Drop Lanyard & Tethers

Tool lanyards and tethers are suitable for most tools, including hard hats, radios, hand tools & even tools weighing up to 80 lbs.

Tanner carries a wide variety of styles for all different types of applications.

  • Detachable Tethers
  • Web Lanyards
  • Bungee Tethers
  • Coil Tethers

Be sure to save, print or share Tanner's Line Card PDF for a quick reference to our always expanding product offerings.