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Self Retracting Lifelines

How to Choose the Right SRL:

    • Thermoplastic - When weight is key 
    • Aluminum - When ultimate durability is required
  • LIFELINE MATERIAL - Wire rope or synthetic options for varying environments
  • SEALED DESIGN - For harsh/corrosive environments
  • RETRIEVAL - Ideal for confined space rescue/retrieval applications
  • RSQ - Built-in rescue allows user to be lowered after a fall either automatically or manually
  • FAST-LINE - Allows user to replace lifeline assembly in the field
  • TIE-BACK - Eliminates the need for a separate anchorage connector
  • HARNESS MOUNT - Direct connection takes the hassle out of fall protection
  • ARC FLASH RATED - Built to withstand the demands of electrical work
  • LEADING EDGE - Specialized lifeline and external shock for leading edge applications