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DBI Sala Rollgliss Rescue & Descent Systems

The DBI Sala Rollgliss R250 Pole Rescue Kit is an easy to use, fast, and efficient rescue system. This system specifically designed for workers who don't perform rescue as part of their normal job functions.

  • FUNCTION: Rescue
  • CAPABILITIES: Rescue (Ascending & Descending)
  • MATERIAL: Kernmantle Rope

The DBI Sala Rollgliss R350 Rescue and Positioning Kit is a versatile and efficient modular ascending and descending rope system. The R350 is pre-rigged & ready to install right out of the bag. It can also be customized with optional pulleys to change the hauling ratio from 2:1 to 5:1. Designed & manufactured to the latest guidelines and regulations the R350 is ready to perform smoothly & effortlessly even in adverse conditions

  • FUNCTION: Rescue & Positioning
  • CAPABILITIES: Rescue (Ascending & Descending) & Positioning
  • MATERIAL: Kernmantle Rope

The DBI Sala Rollgliss R550 Rescue and Descent Kit is a state-of-the-art, fully automatic controlled descent device designed & rated for rescue & evacuation from heights up to 1,640 ft. The R550 is the lightest, most compact & easy to use design on the market allowing the choice of rescue, evacuation or the versatitlity of assisted rescue with lifting capabilities.

  • FUNCTION: Rescue, Escape, Evacuation
  • CAPABILITIES:Rescue (Ascending & Descending), Escape, & Evacuation
  • MATERIAL: Kernmantle Rope