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DBI Sala Ladder Safety Systems & Accessories

Ladder safety systems are designed to provide protection against falling for persons connected to the system while climbing fixed ladders or similar climbing structures.

Systems include installations on fixed ladders or ladder like climbing surfaces that are part of a structure. Examples include; water tank ladders, mono poles (wood, steel, or concrete) buildings, manways, antenna structures, and towers.

Purpose-Built For:

  • LADDER STRUCTURE: The ladder structure to which the system is installed must be capable of withstanding the loads applied by the system in the event of a fall.
  • SYSTEM CAPACITY: The number of users allowed on the system at one time varies depending on the type of system and installation. Generally, system capacities range from one to four users. System capacities are based on a maximum user's weight, including tools and clothing, of 310 lbs.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARDS: Use of this equipment in areas with environmental hazards may require that additional precautions be taken to reduce the possibility of injury to the user or damage to the equipment. Hazards may include, but are not limited to: high heat caused by welding or metal cutting; caustic chemicals; seawater; high voltage power lines; explosive or toxic gases; moving machinery; sharp edges.
  • COMPONENT COMPATIBILITY: Systems must be installed and used as a complete system. Only DBI-SALA's detachable cable sleeve may be used with this system. DBI-SALA recommends using a full body harness with a front attachment for ladder climbing. If a fall occurs when using a body belt it may cause unintentional release and possible suffocation because of improper body support. Substitutions of equipment or system components must not be made without the written consent of DBI-SALA.
  • TRAINING: This equipment is intended to be installed and used by persons who have been trained in its correct application and use.
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CAP 1102010
3M, DBI Sala Delta Cross-Over Style Climbing Harness, Back and Front D-Rings, Pass-Thru Buckle Leg Straps - Universal Size1
CAP 5000338
3M, DBI Sala Static Wire Rope Grab, Use on 3/8" Cable Lifeline1