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PROTECTA PRO Positioning Lanyards

Introducing the all new, fully functional Protecta PRO™ harnesses and lanyards. With designs that incorporates improved fit, updated colors, and durable yet lightweight construction, Protecta PRO™ gear provides greater comfort and added safety — which translates to reduced worker fatigue and increased productivity. Plus, each and every Protecta PRO™ lanyard now features 3,600 lb. gated hooks meeting ANSI Z359 (USA only)! Go with the gear with exceptional performance and value. Go with Protecta PRO™.

All PRO™ positioning lanyards feature 3,600 lb. gated hooks and are used to maintain a working position - they must not be used for fall arrest applications.

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Item IDDescriptionPkg OfQuantity
CAP 1350200
3M, Protecta Pro 22" Chain Rebar/Positioning Lanyard, Swiveling Steel Rebar Hook at Center, Snap Hooks at Leg Ends1
CAP 1385301
3M, Protecta Pro 6' Adjustable Web Positioning Lanyard, Single Leg, Adjustable Web, Snap Hooks at Each End1
CAP 1385000
3M, Protecta Pro 1.5' D-Ring Extension, Snap Hook at One End, D-Ring at Other End1