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Single Leg SRL
Twin Leg SRL
100 ft.
11 ft.
15 ft.
16 ft.
20 ft.
30 ft.
33 ft.
35 ft.
50 ft.
6 ft.
66 ft.
7-1/12 ft.
8 ft.
85 ft.
9 ft.
9-1/2 ft.
Lifeline Material
Dynema Polyester Web
Galvanized Steel Cable
Kevlar Fiber Web
Nylon Web
Polyester Web
Stainless Steel Wire Rope
Product Brand
3M Fall Protection
Product Line
Smart Lock
Product Sub Brand
Hook Type
Aluminum Captive Eye Carabiner
Aluminum Locking Rebar Hook
Aluminum Rebar Hook
Aluminum Snap Hook
Steel Locking Rebar Hook
Steel Rebar Hook
Steel Snap Hook
Steel Swiveling Snap Hook
Swiveling Anchor Loop
Swiveling Steel Snap Hook
Tie-Back Hook
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 Single Leg SRL(120)
 Twin Leg SRL(47)
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 100 ft.(1)
 11 ft.(11)
 15 ft.(4)
 16 ft.(2)
 20 ft.(10)
 30 ft.(5)
 33 ft.(2)
 35 ft.(2)
 50 ft.(5)
 6 ft.(57)
 66 ft.(1)
 7-1/12 ft.(2)
 8 ft.(34)
 85 ft.(1)
 9 ft.(11)
 9-1/2 ft.(1)
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Lifeline Material
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 Dynema Polyester Web(42)
 Galvanized Steel Cable(38)
 Kevlar Fiber Web(38)
 Nylon Web(15)
 Polyester Web(9)
 Stainless Steel Wire Rope(2)
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Product Brand
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 3M Fall Protection(168)
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 Smart Lock(10)
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Hook Type
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 Aluminum Captive Eye Carabiner(11)
 Aluminum Locking Rebar Hook(7)
 Aluminum Rebar Hook(12)
 Aluminum Snap Hook(8)
 Steel Locking Rebar Hook(6)
 Steel Rebar Hook(15)
 Steel Snap Hook(23)
 Steel Swiveling Snap Hook(3)
 Swiveling Anchor Loop(2)
 Swiveling Steel Snap Hook(35)
 Tie-Back Hook(17)
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Self Retracting Lifelines

Choosing the Correct Self Retracting Lifelines

When choosing a self-retracting lifeline, it is very important to take the conditions of your work environment into consideration. From harsh marine and mining, to oil and gas, to general industry, getting the best use out of your lanyard depends on selecting the right product for the application and the environment.

Self-retracting lifelines retain tension on the lifeline at all times, staying out of the worker’s way while providing safety. This helps shorten the fall distance and minimize trip hazards, and also offers greater mobility and maneuverability, which may help increase productivity. Lengths range from 6 to 175 feet.

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SRL Material

  • For general purpose applications that are indoors or in less-harsh environments, web material is appropriate
  • For extremely harsh environments, cable or Kevlar®/Nomex® fiber web offers extra durability and is suitable for abrasive or high-heat

Single or Twin-Leg Configuration

  • Single leg styles are suitable for a single anchor point connection to work within a specific range of movement
  • A twin-leg style offers a protective connection as the worker moves from one anchor point to the next for 100% tie-off