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Hi-Visibility Apparel

Tanner offers a wide variety of Hi-Visibility apparel that includes Safety Vests, Pants, Raingear, and much more to keep you visible and safe while on the jobsite.


ANSI Classifications

Class 3:

Class 3 apparel is intended for workers requiring the highest level of visibility, have high task loads and need to be visible throughout a full range of body motions.

Required for workers who:

  • Have high task loads that often divert their attention
  • Are exposed to significantly reduced sight distances
  • Are clearly placed in danger
  • Must be conspicuous through a full range of body motions at a minimum of 1280 feet and must be identifiable as a person.

Class 2:

Class 2 apparel is necessary for workers exposed to traffic traveling over 25 mph and who work against complex backgrounds.

Required for workers who are:

  • Performing tasks that divert their attention from approaching traffic which is traveling more than 25 mph
  • Working in close proximity to traffic


Non-ANSI garments are color enhanced and offer an additional level of safety for low risk activities, but do not meet ANSI standards.

Useful for workers who need:

  • A base layer under ANSI certified workwear
  • An added level of visibility
  • A change of clothing on jobsite