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6" Irwin Metal Cutting Reciprocating Blades with WeldTec for a Only .84 Cents A BLADE!

Irwin is a trusted name for reciprocating blades in the construction and industrial communities. For a limited time, we are promoting 50 Packs of Irwin 6" reciprocating blades in 14" TPI, 18" TPI and 24" TPI. Need help deciding on the TPI (Teeth per Inch)? Scroll down to our chart below.

These reciprocating blades cut all metals including non-ferrous pipe conduit, stainless and sheet metals and are for use with materials 1/8"-1/2" (3.2 -13 mm) thick

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Item IDDescriptionPkg OfQuantity
IRW 372614BB
Irwin 6", Metal Cutting Reciprocating Blades, 14 TPI, 50/Pk1
IRW 372618BB
Irwin 6", Metal Cutting Reciprocating Blades, 18 TPI, 50/Pk50
IRW 372624BB
Irwin 6", Metal Cutting Reciprocating Blades, 24 TPI, 50/Pk50

TPI (Teeth Per Inch) Selection Guide

Selecting the right TPI is an important factor to consider. Using the proper TPI will extend the life of your Irwin reciprocating blades. In addition, it will improve safety during use due to the speed of the cut when considering the material being cut.

The chart below will help you select the proper TPI for Irwin Linear Edge reciprocating blades.