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Circular Saws & Saw Blades

Cut Through Steel Plate in Less Than 12 Seconds!

Cut through steel and other tough metals faster than ever. Metal Devil® metal cutting circular saw blades are designed with different configurations for steel, stainless, aluminum, thin steel, and even steel studs. The following attributes are the important differences between blade configurations that allow for specialty applications.

    • Blade Diameter (Avaialble in Sizes: 5-3/8" - 14")
    • Number of Teeth on the Blade (Avaiable with: 32 TPI - 90 TPI)
    • Carbide Grade
    • Shape of Teeth


Metal Devil Metal® Cutting Circular Saw Blades & Saws

Cut Through Steel & Other Tough Metal Faster Than Ever

Unique combinations of metallurgy and blade configurations are tailored for peak performance in specific applications.

  • Cut Cool: Touch the freshly cut metal edges. You will be amazed to find how cool it is to the touch.
  • Cut Faster: Cut through 6" x 1/4" thick steel in approximately 12 seconds.
  • Cut Longer: Exceptional wear resistance. Make more cuts than any other metal cutting blade on the market today.

MK Morse Made in the USA