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Secure Wedge-Bolt Anchors

Security Anchoring Systems for Concrete & Masonry Applications

The Secure Wedge-Bolt™ is a universal high-strength carbon steel anchor designed for most applications and can be used in a variety of tough base materials such as concrete, block, brick or stone. It is a versatile, high performance anchor that is vibration resistant and removable with proper tooling. Available in a button head which includes serrations under the head, and a Torx Tamper-Resistant drive, it is a high security mechanical masonry anchor with the added benefit of higher load capacities and ease of installation.

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3/8 x 3" Button Secure Wedge-Bolt Carbon Steel Zinc Plated Driver Size: 45TXH 50/BX50
1/2 x 3" Button Secure Wedge-Bolt Carbon Steel Zinc Plated Driver Size: 55TXH 50/BX50

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Concrete, Block, Brick
    • The Secure Wedge-Bolt anchor is versatile and can be used in a variety of base materials. This reduces the need to stock assorted anchor types and learn a variety of installation procedures.
  • One-Piece Design
    • Secure Wedge-Bolt anchor is a one-piece unit which features a finished button head formed with an integral washer, a patented dual lead thread, and a chamfered tip. A one-piece design eliminates the possibility of lost anchor parts or improper assembly.
  • Close to Edge Installs
    • The Secure Wedge-Bolt anchor cuts a thread into the base material. Since there are no expansion forces, the Secure Wedge-Bolt anchor can be installed closer to the edge than traditional mechanical anchors without damaging the base material.
  • Removable & Reusable
    • The Secure Wedge-Bolt anchor is easy to remove, leaving a neat clean hole. Unlike traditional anchors no grinding off of anchors is needed and no anchor components are left in the hole. If required it can be reinstalled in the same hole after adjustment of the fixture.
  • Tight Fit Matches Standard Fixture Holes
    • The Blue Tip Secure Wedge-Bolt anchor is designed to match standard fixture clearance holes that are 1/16” over nominal to provide a secure fit. Since the Secure Wedge-Bolt is specially matched to the clearance hole, the need for layout or hole spotting is eliminated.
  • Shallow Embedment Depth
    • The Secure Wedge-Bolt anchor can be installed at shallower embedment depths than traditional wedge or sleeve anchors reducing the chance of striking reinforcing bars or embedded cables. Drilling time and bit wear can be reduced resulting in significant savings.
  • Immediate High Strength Loading
    • The Secure Wedge-Bolt anchor can be loaded immediately. Unlike some adhesive anchors, there is no lengthy curing time. This allows for immediate completion of fastening applications.