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Security Bolts

Tanner is an industry leader & expert in Security Hardware and is your source for security bolts, security nuts, security hardware and products.

Tanner offers two security bolt options, Break-Away Bolts & Pre-Cast Inserts and our new Penta HD Tamper Resistant Bolts. Both security bolt solutions provide industrial strength and a durable fastening solution for even the strictest security construction requirements. Depending on level of security and tamperproofing, you will want to consider one of these bolts, or use a mix.

For Tamperproof applications where removal is not necessary, our Break-Away Bolts & Pre-Cast inserts are the clear choice and a formidable opponent to any security sensitive environment. We also carry a line of Break-Away Nuts for other Tamperproof securing applications.

Penta HD Tamper Resistant Bolts, are a tamper-resistant security bolt where removal may be required. However they offer a unique 5 sided Pentagon shaped head, that requires a specific socket to either remove or install. The key to it's tamper-resistance is the shape of the PentaBolt head, its unique shape will not allow standard socket sets to fit or be wedged on and used for removal.