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Tamper-Proof Security Break-Away Nuts

Break-Away nuts are designed to prevent unauthorized removal and to secure access to equipment and facilities. No special tool is required, Break-Away nuts are installed using a standard wrench. They are used extensivelyin correctional institutions, hospitals, schools, public places and retail stores to secure a variety of products.

Break-Away nuts are suitable for applications where removal of a fixture is not intended and when prevention of tampering is important. After tightening to the proper torque, the hex head breaks away leaving a conical shaped tamper resistant nut.

Break-Away nuts are manufactured from ZAMAK 5 zinc alloy and 304 stainless steel. Stainless steel offers greater corrosion resistance and high-strength properties compared to zinc alloy. The nuts are tapped to standard bolt dimensions and are also available tapped oversize for hot dip galvanized fasteners.