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Zamak 5 Zinc Alloy, Tamper-Resistant Trident Nuts - Large Diameter

Tanner Trident™ Nuts are suitable for providing tamper-resistant fastening for a wide range of products using bolts, screws, or concrete and masonry anchoring devices. Tanner Trident™ Nuts have been used extensively in correctional institutions, hospitals, universities, public places and retail stores to secure a variety of products including inmate furniture, scaffolding, electrical and electronic equipment, computers and related equipment, traffic signs, park benches, outdoor play equipment and consumer product displays. The Trident™ Nut is a tamper-resistant internally threaded fastening device featuring a conical design that prevents unauthorized removal. It has 3 indented slots for installation and removal with a proprietary tool. Trident Nuts are tapped to standard bolt dimensions but can be tapped oversize to accept hot dip galvanized fasteners (upon request).

  • ZAMAK 5 zinc alloy (AC41A). Zinc casting alloys are durable and have good strength. They are light-weight, rust proof and corrosion resistant. Five year exposure trials showed no significant galvanic corrosion attack on zinc alloys coupled to steel and other engineering metals.
  • ZAMAK has the highest impact strength of of all the zinc based alloys.

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5/8"-11 Large Diameter Tamper-Resistant Trident Nuts, Low Profile Jam, Zamak 5 Zinc Alloy, 40TRI Driver Size50