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Pecora DynaPoxy EP

DynaPoxy™ EP-1200 is a “pick-proof” rigid, two-part, epoxy resin compound especially designed to make it an excellent joint sealant for high security areas of prisons and other security areas. Due to its high compressive strength and non-sag properties, DynaPoxy™ EP-1200 is also used as a structural adhesive for vertical and overhead bonding and grouting and for bolt embedment. Packaged in a 1-1/2 gallon unit including Base and Activator. Color Pack is packaged separately.

Basic Uses:

  • Outstanding adhesion to similar or dissimilar materials, particularly in concrete and metal.
  • In high security areas where a harder material is required and flexibility is less important.


  • Color-Pack system has pre-measured tint paste for 49 standard colors.
  • Custom colors available upon request. Minimum order 5 Color-Packs per color
  • Standard color after mixing is Concrete Grey. If the sealant is to be painted, it is not necessary to add a Color-Pack.


DynaPoxy™ 1200 should not be used in active joints or in areas where it might come into contact with food products. It should not be subjected to harsh chemicals such as acids or solvents and should not be applied in concrete joints less than 30-days old.

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PEC EP-1200
DynaPoxy 1-1/2 gallon sealant "pick-proof" rigid, two-part epoxy 1/BX1